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When was a moment you felt a deep connection with another human being?

More importantly, when was the last time you truly felt connected to yourself?

We live in a time with instant gratification and digital disconnection. What are you actively doing to counteract this? The amazing aspect of connection is we can always get better and improve our abilities within it.

Society is in trouble. We have succumbed to the media, technology companies, advertisers and schools. We have bought into their programming that fame and money are what we should all be after. What if this is wrong? What if we are all playing the wrong game? What if we should be creating a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us? Then what would happen? I am on a mission to find out. Join the connection movement….. and witness how it transforms your experiences.

“In 2008, I had the choice between death, jail or sobriety. You may assume this is an easy decision, but my addiction had full control over my mind. I did the most courageous feat of my life and asked for help.

        Every day I’m grateful for this choice. What could have happened to me ultimately transpired to my two best friends. One of my closest friends will never have the chance to take another breath and the other served a four-year prison sentence.

        I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona where I am able to be outdoors year round. As a traveling enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to step foot in 13 different countries. My life now is radically different and evolves around mindfulness practices maintaining my inner peace. I am now living into my dreams and being the change I wish to see in the world.”

Gordie’s  Experience Includes:
  • Over 25 YPO & EO Chapter presentations
  • Over 80 school presentations
  • Numerous charity events and rehab centers
  • Featured on Forbes, CBS, Huffington Post & NBC
  • Featured internationally in 8 different countries
  • Professional Member of the National Speakers Association
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Mr. Bufton did a great job… He had something for every attendee regardless of where they were in recovery… He was very professional and willing to help with the graduation in more ways than just speaking. ~ Stephanie Miller (Treatment Court Coordinator Umitilla County)

Gordie’s path is very clear now, as he devotes his life to speaking and helping others who may be on the very same “train to hell” that he was on for years. ~ David Essel

Gordie is one of tomorrows leaders, he’s seen the dark side and lived to tell about it. He is living proof that if you want to change, you can change, become productive and make a difference. ~ Jim Plouffe

Thank you for sharing your story you inspired me to not try drugs at the graduation party and go after my dream of becoming a Air Force Pilot. ~ Student

Success has a price. CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs are unhappy, unfulfilled, overworked, and have no clue how to fix it.

But there’s a better way. The Connection Effect is about a path that’s changed my life, from troubled addict to thriving entrepreneur. If you’re caught up in a never-ending stream of work, connecting to the present moment might seem like a fairy tale.

But it’s not. Because living a life connected to the present moment (whether it’s with your work or with your family) can help you find a fulfilling life in a world filled with digital distraction and emotional disconnection—all while crushing it at work.

Most people have no idea how to use the present moment so that it can become their professional (and personal) edge. But if that’s you, I have good news.

This is the playbook on how to do it.

It’s the bridge between living a life that’s ambitious and living a life that’s connected, and how the two can actually come together and—strategically—become one.

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