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Success Has A Price Tag

Your family, your health, your freedom, and your peace – they’re all at stake. And every seasoned executive, beneath the veneer, knows this.

They forget the last time they spoke to a best friend. They don’t remember the seconds when their spouses looked at them with longing rather than vacancy.

And they forget, truthfully, because their work has swallowed them whole. Yet, only a few admit this to themselves. Fewer still, to the world.

The truth is, you don’t have to settle for this.

Winner of 16/17 YPO Family Event of the Year Southeast/Caribbean Region

My name is Gordie Bufton, and I work with executives who’ve zigzagged nearly every country on the map. From drug addicts to royal families, newly-minted entrepreneurs to hardened Fortune 50 executives, I help people build and tinker their best clean blend of work and life. And whether I’m in Omaha or Bangkok, the place doesn’t matter: I help people reinvent their relationships and their experiences, all while making a dent in their personal corner of the universe.

2016 EO Global Leadership Conference Speaker

Speaking Topics

You’re flying the plane, with a full crew on board, lives at stake and money in the mix. This is your business, your work, your livelihood. But you’re lonely. Your life – with all the work you’ve done – should be better. But it’s not. With The Executive, we’re going to find out why, and create a game plan to reinvent your personal life and your future. In this speech, we’ll talk about:  

  • The Real Costs of Success (and How to Avoid Them)
  • A Systematic Way to Creating Profitable Relationships
  • How to Create a Life That’s Cohesive and Meaningful

“One of our members proclaimed this was the best event he’d ever attended while in YPO. We have decided to nominate Gordie for event of the year!” – Franon Wilson, YPO Bahamas, Sept. 2016

“Gordie engaged our Midwestern EO membership in a way I’ve never seen before…. The response I saw tonight to a packed house was unparalleled.” – Rick Magill, EO Nebraska Learning Chair

A child is like a puzzle. You, the busy executive, want the puzzle at the end to form the right picture – a happy and successful one. But how do you do it when you have a thousand to-do’s sprawled on your desk? In The Parent, we host an event for the executive and their spouse to finally decode the puzzle. I ask: what kind of parent are you? What kind of parent should you be? And, even more crucial, how can I connect with my child? In this speech, we talk all that, plus:

  • How to Effectively Communicate with Your Kids
  • Better Understand What Your Children Are Up Against
  • The Blueprint to Building Deeper Relationships with Your Children

“Gordie, your story is one every parent should hear. You were the ideal kid and your life went astray so quickly. You showed and explained some triggers and signs to look out for with my own children.”– Cameron Herold, Parent, CEO Coach and International Speaker

Bring your kids. Bring your husband. Bring your wife. With The Family, we’re going to investigate the one thing your family must do: connect. When families falter, they make it impossible to forge themselves into a tight, cohesive unit – one that’s built on love, trust, and connection. Here, I’ll decode what it actually takes to build a family that stands the test of time, plus:

  • How to Really Be Open with Your Family
  • How to Understand the Perspectives of the Parent and the Child
  • The Step-by-Step Strategy to Building Deeper Relationships (and Keep Them)

“Thank you for sharing your story you inspired me to not try drugs at the graduation party and go after my dream of becoming a Air Force Pilot.” –Student

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